Kim Kardashian Bikini Underwater Fashion

Kim Kardashian seems to use every moment of the day to attract the public’s attention and increase her fan base. Luckily for her, she does not have to give a speech or read a script to do so. It is only evident that her body does all the promotion for her. Kim has gone on to feature another one of her new innovations, which has sparked a ripple of comments and “likes” and has fascinated thousands of her followers. She now uses her film breaks to take a dip and show off her curves in bikini while underwater.

Perhaps this is her response to many critics, who believe that most of her photos are photoshopped to enhance their look. Kim is confident that she is a rare beauty and seizes every moment to demonstrate it. Her list of innovations to gain publicity appears to be unending and she even adds a little more to it by tweeting comments such as “Swim good” and “air needs me”.

She has created a sort of suspense in the minds of her viewers, who can’t seem to get enough of it. Nearly all of her followers wonder about what her next move would be and she surprises them each and every time. It’s no surprise that her reality show is turning out to be so successful. Her passion for publicity is also shared by her boyfriend, Kanye West, who also enjoys the practice, snapping her photo and posting it with the caption of his recent single. He captured the scene as she flaunted her rear in a white dress.

Kim Kardashian uses nearly all of the possible ways to promote herself and in turn, increase the awareness of her Brands. With this new method of gaining the public’s attention and striking the eyes of millions, she is definitely on the way to increasing her ratings.

Kim Kardashian bikini in the news:

Kim Kardashian is proud to show off her famous curves. The E! celeb recently enjoyed a family vacation to Greece, and the pregnant star was not about to spend her entire getaway in a poncho. Like many previously preg A-listers, Kim embraced her baby bump and flaunted her bare belly while rocking multiple bikinis during her trip. (eOnline)

Kim Kardashian first revealed her bare pregnant belly in an Instagram photo last month and this month she is baring it all in a teeny bikini on the cover of Us Weekly magazine. The 32-year-old appears on the cover of this week’s Us Weekly alongside the headline “Kim dares to bare: You Call This Fat?” In the photo, Kim bares her baby bump and curvy pregnant body in a skimpy purple bikini. The shot was taken while she was soaking up the sun in Mykonos, Greece, with her family. (Huffington Post)

She has admitted to struggling to adjust to the changes pregnancy has brought to her body. But as she proudly showed off her bump in a simple bikini, Kim Kardashian proved she is finally at ease with her new shape. Looking happy and healthy, her hair in braids and skin barely made up, the seven months’ pregnant reality star was a true beauty. (Daily Mail)

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