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Kris Humphries’ Ex Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape


Watch full Myla Sinanaj sex tape! Click the image below! Kim K is getting serious competition for her sex tape. After Montana Fishburne and Farrah Abraham now Myla Sinanaj released their own tape. They all have the same goal, to

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Ray J new song: I hit it first


Ray J wanted to remember everybody about his sex tape with Kim Kardashian and that he was the first (celebrity) to fuck her with a new song dedicated to Kim: I hit it first Here are the lyrics: She might

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A new baby for the Kardashians


The Kardashians are preparing to welcome yet another baby into the family. The news came following announcement made by Kanye himself at one of his concerts and later reaffirmed by Kim in her message on her website. The two have

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Kim claims that pregnancy is a difficult phase

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Keeps Up Her Workout Routine

Emotions stir as news emerge about the pregnancy of Kim Kardashian. The well known socialite has now confirmed that she is pregnant with Kanye’s baby and that they are both excited about it. So far, Kim has not been having

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Kim Tones Down For Dinner


Unlike what many expected, Kim revealed a totally different side of her usual dress code as she showed up at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Kim made a very stunning appearance and left her followers and critics with a jaw

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Kim Kardashian’s Untimely Photos


Fans and critics were greeted, on yet another occasion, by Kim Kardashian’s untimely photos. They are no longer seeing the essence in all of the postings. In life there is an exponential growth phase where everything blossoms, but this later

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Kanye West Helps with Kim Kardashian’s New Appearance


Kanye West appears to be doing more than just being a boyfriend to Kim Kardashian. With her long standing history of dressing flaws, she definitely could do with some help. Kim has had many issues with regards to inappropriate dressing.

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Kim Kardashian Placed Under Permanent Surveillance by Fans


Kim Kardashian is one of the most publicized names in the celebrity industry, and this does not signify that she is always praised for it. One of the most appalling situations that have placed her under permanent surveillance by followers

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Kim Kardashian Bikini Underwater Fashion


Kim Kardashian seems to use every moment of the day to attract the public’s attention and increase her fan base. Luckily for her, she does not have to give a speech or read a script to do so. It is

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