Kanye West Helps with Kim Kardashian’s New Appearance

Kanye West appears to be doing more than just being a boyfriend to Kim Kardashian. With her long standing history of dressing flaws, she definitely could do with some help. Kim has had many issues with regards to inappropriate dressing. One of the most recent mishaps has been that of wearing a long dress which may have been too tightly fitted. The result of this was logically disastrous; Kim’s gown opened up from behind and exposed nearly all of her upper back. This time, exhibiting her back and all that goes along with it was not part of the agenda.

This obviously was another blow to Kanye, who seems to have a much better idea and concept of fashion and dressing. With the help of assistants, she managed to keep the dress together to later appear on a show. She shamelessly tweeted about what had happened, probably trying to “break the ice” before her critics got hold of her again. Lately, fans and critics have been coinciding on many of the issues surrounding her personal life and behavior.

Kanye West now appears to understand that he needs to teach Kim a few tricks of the trade. Presently, he advises Kim on many things; from her hair style and make up to her outfit and choice of shoes. He probably prefers to see her in bikini because of the relief that it gives, knowing that she would stick to her size and fit. Fans believe that his contribution to her new look is clearly visible but fears that it may be a sort of “control” situation, where he dictates exactly what she should wear and how she should look.

They argue that once there is a limit to his demands, then the situation will be just perfect. Lately, Kim and Kanye have been observed dressing with “look alike” outfits and jewelry.

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  1. Beats Online says:

    Kanye has to make sure Kim is keeping up and making him look good as well.
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