Kim Kardashian’s Untimely Photos

Fans and critics were greeted, on yet another occasion, by Kim Kardashian’s untimely photos. They are no longer seeing the essence in all of the postings. In life there is an exponential growth phase where everything blossoms, but this later tapers off and declines. Perhaps this is the case of Kim and her publicity pursuit. Looking back at the comments made by fans, earlier in the dramatic phase of the celebrity’s life, we can easily see that these were a bit more helpful and supportive. With the passing of time those fans have been gradually changing their point of view and have been posting more derogatory comments.

It is in no way the fault of the followers. It is merely a reaction to her action. She is no longer in her exponential phase; that has been short lived and it’s all because of her behavior. No one likes to see the same thing over and over; it’s just too monotonous. With the realization of that fact being so farfetched in her mind and with the lack of proper guidance, she is slowly losing her support and character, and her overall ratings follow the same trend.

Kim is considered by many as being simply money oriented and her pursuit of the same is unending, regardless of what it takes. That does not exclude her reputation because, as we all know, she has sacrificed nearly all of it in the process. So the question remains: “how do you separate the rootless moneymaker from the talented, reputable artist?” There is a lack of adequate protocol for the selection of people who would be published on recognized listing such as Forbes.

How can you place a rootless money maker on the Forbes List, alongside great celebrities and enterprises of renowned reputation? Doesn’t it undermine the status quo of the real artists? There should be a limit to the things that a public figure can do. The adults may just turn down what they see, but when we take a closer look at the age group of active followers and celebrity junkies, it just happens to fall short of adulthood since most viewers are teenagers.

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