Kim Tones Down For Dinner

Unlike what many expected, Kim revealed a totally different side of her usual dress code as she showed up at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Kim made a very stunning appearance and left her followers and critics with a jaw dropping surprise as she attended the dinner in Washington. She is well known for wearing outrageously skimpy clothing and feels at her best in bikini. This time however, she was seen wearing a lovely dress that even covered her up to the neck. Critics had very little to say about her usual behavior and agreed that she represented the occasion very well.

As with her attire, the makeup was also subtle, along with modestly styled hair and that made her blend in even more with the crowd at the dinner. This time indeed she was admired, not simply for her physique, which was still appreciated in the well fitted dress, but also for her ability to use proper discretion on such an occasion.

This has truly emphasized that she still has great awareness about her actions and knows where to draw the line. To most of her critics, this appears as a shocker, knowing that she lives out most of her personal life in front of the media and uses nearly every moment that she can to gain publicity.

Nevertheless that did not stop her, at the end of the day, from keeping her followers posted; something that has become a literally religious practice. She later tweeted a vote of thanks to Gretawire and Fox for the invitation that they had extended to her, as well as to her mother Kris.

That gave most of her followers a sort of “sigh of relief” knowing that she was still the Kim Kardashian that they knew and that a mere makeover for a prestigious occasion was not the end of the road. It all seems that they are more entertained and thrilled by the body-flaunting, publicity-seeking Kim instead of her toned down version, which just happens to be more publicly accepted.

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3 comments on “Kim Tones Down For Dinner
  1. wm says:

    I prefer her in bikini or even better naked

  2. bashir says:

    kim is my favorit woman